Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What's the matter with Rachel Ray?

I really don't understand this woman. Her joker-like face is everywhere and I'm so tired of it! Someone needs to put a muzzle on her...I don't understand her, I don't understand the people who follow her, and I definitely don't understand the guy who married her! She is so exhausting.

While working for Sur La Table back in the Boston area, Rachel Ray came for a book signing. I tried to get out of working that day, but I couldn't escape it. She bounced into the store and eagerly waved until I thought her hand was going to fall off. Her perkiness needed to be suppressed. However, the instant she stepped out of the public eye and into the back office, she showed her true colors. She was rude, obnoxious, and demanding. That joker-like smile disappeared instantly.

While flipping through the channels tonight, I saw her face (of course, taking up the entire television screen), yelping, "Food is love and I love Africa!" ET did a brief story of her honeymoon to Africa...Can she not have a private moment? You would think out of all times in one's life, the honeymoon would be just between the newlyweds, but Rachel has to let the world know where she went, what she's eating there, and what bizarre furry creatures have befriended her. If this was my new spouse on the honeymoon, I would take that camera and feed it to the elephants along her safari.

This food celebrity chef stuff is so out of control. And now we have her absurd magazine that is filled with absolutely worthless information and did I hear correctly that she'll soon have a talk show? (What is Oprah thinking!) STOP THE MADNESS! This woman is milking her 15 minutes like no one else I've seen. Well, guess what Rachel? You're times up!

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