Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Calm Before the Storm

It's about 11 AM on Thanksgiving morning and I just put some hot water on the stove for some ramen noodles. A disgusting breakfast/lunch to start off this day. This morning I woke up and drove my husband to the train station at 6 AM. He landed safely in Boston and is there until Sunday visiting with family and friends. I wish I was there. My family headed down to Houston, Texas. My aunt recently had brain surgery so my mother and brother made plans to go there. Last minute, my father jumped on the band wagon, so the three of them are in the Lonestar State. I wish I was there.

But despite my wishing of places I'd rather be, I'm still excited about seeing the spread today down at the hotel. My Thanksgiving glum will probably kick in tomorrow or when I get home this evening.

The hotel is expecting 600 guests; three seatings at 10:30, 2:30 and 5:30 of 200 each. I have my camera packed and will post some pictures tomorrow.

So overall, avoiding the Thanksgiving chuplah has been pretty easy. Everyone at work is in the same boat and its too busy there to feel sorry for ourselves. The key, I think, was not watching the Network. But now that the day has approached and my husband is gone and my mother sent our chocolate turkeys (our Thanksgiving tradition that each guest receives a small chocolate turkey), perhaps some other feelings will come over me. We shall see.

These ramen noodles are not what I remember. Although, still, the best way to have them is to drain out the liquid and just slurp the noodles....Happy Thanksgiving!

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