Saturday, November 12, 2005

Still Beat

Hmmm...Another day has ended. Most of the day was spent prepping for the brunch tomorrow. Nothing too exciting. The menu itself is very Italian...will share it with you tomorrow probably. So Sunday is my Friday but I have to go in on Monday for training...ugh...Although I'll be sitting down and getting paid, so it can't be all that bad.

I am still beat, but I feel better than I did yesterday. I'm starting to let myself go a little bit with the team members which is nice because I'm feeling a bit more comfortable. I think the Garde Manger Sous Chef is a very interesting character...sweet, but she has lots of little comments towards me that I tend to take personally when I know they aren't. I think she is still sort of testing me out, which is fine. On my prep sheet yesterday, she wrote "slice camebert for 110." It was for a plated salad that her and I jack stacked later that day. When gathering the plates and cheese, she asked how many pieces I'd sliced.

"112," I responded.

"112? We need 160," she said back. I was sure she was thinking"Why did we hire this girl??"

"The prep list said 110."

"No. It said 160."

We both went back to our kitchen and checked the list. Sure enough, it read "110."

"See? 160," she said. "You cut one more sheet pan and I'll start plating."

The other members of the team asked what happened and when they read the prep list, they read 110 also.

I cut some more camebert and went to meet with the additional cheese.

"You'll soon understand how to read my handwriting," she said.

Did that mean that all of her six's were zero's?

Anyway, I tend to read into things more than I should. But I think its interesting some of the comments that have been said.

That's about all...I'll share more later. I hope the brunch set up goes well tomorrow. Unlike last week where we had 6 people setting up, tomorrow we only have 4 and there is a lot to do. There are reservations for 200, which means final numbers will be around 250ish.

Will report more later...

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