Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Julie Powell: A Sellout?

I just finished reading the December Bon Appetit. I was in the middle of reading an article on new holiday books coming out when I read, "And a savory blueberry risotto, though unnervingly purple, is delicious." The "though unnervingly purple" comment struck me and it was then that I looked up to see who wrote the article. It was none other than Julie Powell.

But that was the only true glimpse I got throughout that whole article of Julie's true voice! The voice that I read in her blog and in her book has disappeared. Bon Appetit has put a leash on her writing, but her unleashed unruly voice is what made her so attractive to so many.

So now that she's found apparent fame and fortune from her blog and book, will she always have someone looking over her shoulder while she writes? She explains towards the end of her book, "I get paid very well to sit around in my pajamas and type...Feel free to hate me--I certainly would."

Well, I do sort of hate her, but not because she's sitting in her PJs writing. It's more because she's a sellout. The "new JP" is reserved, polite, and dare I say, conservative. Her writing has been touched by too many editors and it's a big disappointment.

Despite the fact that she is probably not having any trouble paying her rent, should that have cost her what got her to where she is?

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