Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Not So Bittersweet

My husband and I live above a bakery: "Bittersweet Bakery." It's a cruel and delightful circumstance. When we first moved in, I would bake in the kitchen and try to compete with the scents and smells that were drifting from upstairs. I finally gave up and succumbed to letting the aroma of baking scones act as my alarm clock.

Apparently they have blueberry, apricot, and ginger scones, but I'm hooked on raspberry. They must be loaded with butter because they don't really crumble and they literally melt in my mouth.

On my days off, I treat myself to my perfect breakfast of a raspberry scones and large mug of hot hot tea. It's relaxing and soothing and the ideal kickoff to a day of laziness. When I went downstairs this morning, I asked for the recipe and a subtle look of panic appeared on girl's face behind the counter.

"We don't really have any recipes," she said, as if the sweetness from the bakery had forced its way into her voice.

By the time we leave Chicago, I'd like to have a copy of that recipe so I'll keep trying. Tomorrow I'm back to work. I've had three glorious days off. Perfect timing, as I've been fighting a cold too. Wednesday and Thursday, I'm dreadfully working in the cafeteria from noon-8:30pm. Saturday I'm working upstairs with Garde Manger from 2-10:30pm. Boo...

The following week, I worked a deal out with the Executive Sous Chef that I would be taking Monday through Fridays off and only be available on the weekends. I'm going to be working down at the University of Chicago's GSB (Graduate School of Business). This is recruiting season and they were looking for some extra help. Since the hotel could only give me 16 hours a week, Monday through Friday, I used that as leverage to take some time off. I'll be working down at the school catering to corporate suits until the middle of February. Hopefully by then, work will have picked up a bit. I am available to work at the hotel on the weekends. So I could be working seven days a week until the middle of the next month, but I'm taking it week by week.

Something very sad: The University of Chicago pays more than The Ritz-Carlton.

My tea is getting cold.

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