Saturday, February 04, 2006

"Where Fun Goes to Die"

Still working at the business school helping out with the recruiting. It has slowed down in every sense since the bankers were here the first week.

The dress of the students and recruiters has become a little less intense. Microsoft recruiters were very casual in jeans and cordoroys, while others dressed down to khakis and a dress shirt. A definite shift from the black suits, white shirts, and power ties that roamed the hallways during bank week.

While preparing some of the packets that each recruiter receives about the students they will be interviewing, I came across some entertaining things that I want toshare. So in order to participate in the on-campus recruiting process, students are required to follow a certain format. Each resume cannot be more than one page and must contain three major sections of “Education,” “Experience,” and “Additional.” Space is valuable; these are University of Chicago Business School students so they are not struggling to fill the space. They are struggling to figure out which bullet points to delete.

One underground slogan for the University of Chicago apparently is “Where fun goes to die” and the business school is understandably trying to shatter that image. Therefore, the purpose of the “Additional” section is to expose the human side of these students and reveal their interests and perhaps some random facts about them, not relating to business school. Others are simply entertaining facts to perhaps act as conversation starters with the recruiters.

Here are some that caught my eye:

“Consumed 5 Big Macs in one sitting.”
“Avid tennis player, runner, and swimmer; mediocre golfer.”
“Survivor of incurable centipede bite.”
“Qualified for Jeopardy!”
“Nature-loving surfer.”
“Certified Iowa high school baseball umpire.”
“Managed to live in London for six months without picking up slightest accent.”
” Lead Guitarist for Boston-based band, Boatyard Resin (2002-2005), Ann Arbor-based band, Chowder (1999-2000).”

(That last one is one of my husbands...YEAH!)

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